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Rock, Mineral & Geology Crossword & Word Find Puzzles

To print each puzzle, simply click the title and it will download to your computer.

  • If you think you know a little about rocks and minerals give this crossword puzzle a try. Let us know if you need a hint!

  • Print this great puzzle find and see if you can find all of the words relating to minerals! Send us a picture of your completed puzzle, we'd love to see how you did.

  • Rocks are everywhere! See if you can find all of these words about rocks. Let us know how you did! If you need help finding a word, let us know and we'll give you a hint.

  • Try our this rock and mineral crossword puzzle all about rocks and minerals!

  • Try our latest Mineral Word Find and see if you can find all of the mineral names! Some are tricky and some are not common, but we are sure you can do it. So grab a crayon and start finding those minerals!

  • After you read our Dig Into Geology article series on the layers of the Earth, test your knowledge with this puzzle. Download as many copies as you like for your kids and students.

  • Brrr! It's always cold where the glaciers live! See if you can find all of the words associated with glaciers in this month's fun puzzle.

  • Learn a little about geysers as you look for all of these words related to these amazing formations.

  • This month we have strayed away from rocks and minerals to talk a little about rivers. If you read our newsletter you are sure to recognize some of these words. See if you can find them all!

  • See if you can find all 18 words about Igneous Rocks.

  • This word find is a little harder than usual because of those long, crazy dinosaur names! Give it a try but if you need help let us know (we'll send you the solution!)

  • Natural crystals show off the most beautiful aspects of the minerals we love. See if you can find all 14 of the words in our crystal word find puzzle.

  • In celebration of our favorite mineral, the diamond, this month's word find is all about gemstones!

  • Try your hand at our latest Word Find puzzle. A secret message is hidden in the puzzle. After you find all of the words, start at the top and write the letters that were not used in the spaces at the bottom of the page to reveal the hidden message.