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Welcome Teachers and Schools

Mini Me Geology is your one-stop shop for rock kits and mineral kits for teachers to use in the classroom and other great geology supplies for your lessons. We have a great selection of rock and mineral kits, individual rock samples, mineral samples, fossil specimens, streak plates, hand magnifiers, rock and mineral posters, and geology eBooks. We have everything you need to teach your students the basics of rocks, minerals, and geology.

Sample Sizes & Special Orders

Our individual samples sizes are 1-2" inches unless noted differently on the website. We CAN order larger samples of most specimens. Please email us for details on sample sizes. If you are looking for a specific sample that you do not see on our site, just ask. We can often special order most sample types.

Purchase Orders (POs)

Yes, we do accept POs.  Please email your POs to us at rockinfo@minimegeology.com.

Ordering eBook Single, Multiple, or District User Licenses

Ordering Single, Multiple User and District User Licenses with a Purchase Order - You can order any of our eBooks with a Single User License (Single), Multiple User License (Multiple), District User License for 2 to 5 schools (Dis 2-5 Sch), District User License for 6 to 9 schools (Dis 6-9 Sch), District User License for 10+ schools (Dis 10+ Sch). We will send your eBook to the email address on your PO.

Please contact us for multiple license ordering information.