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Rock Cycle eBook

Rock Cycle eBook – Mini Me Geology

Rock Cycle eBook

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Jump into the spinning Rock Cycle
with this eBook from Mini Me Geology. This 36 page, full color eBook that will
teach you about the properties of rocks and minerals, how the Rock Cycle works
everyday throughout our Earth and helps you to learn about geology through
activities and puzzles. You will be fascinated how minerals turn into rocks;
rocks turn into different rocks then break down again into particles of
sediment ready to begin the cycle again. The eBook includes information about
20 different rocks and minerals and uses the properties of those samples to
explain the Rock Cycle processes. The eBook also includes rock and mineral flow
charts for identification activities, pages to create your own geologist’s
notebook and activities and word puzzles.
The Rock Cycle eBook discusses these
minerals and rocks: 
  • Mineral Samples: blue calcite,
    quartz, microcline feldspar, augite and biotite mica
  • Igneous Rock Samples: basalt,
    gabbro, rhyolite, syenite and granite
  • Sedimentary Rock Samples:
    fossiliferous limestone, sandstone, shale, arkose and conglomerate
  • Metamorphic Rock Samples: marble,
    gneiss, amphibolite, quartzite and slate
Click here to download a sample of the Rock Cycle Kit eBook.