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Product Catalog > The 12 Days of Christmas Bundles! > 3rd Day: Crystal Cave Adventures Books 1 & 2, Coloring Book and Santa's Coal

3rd Day: Crystal Cave Adventures Books 1 & 2, Coloring Book and Santa's Coal

3rd Day: Crystal Cave Adventures Books 1 & 2, Coloring Book and Santa's Coal

3rd Day: Crystal Cave Adventures Books 1 & 2, Coloring Book and Santa's Coal

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Blue John's Cavern

Time travel rocks!

Nothing interesting ever happens in Diamond Falls, West Virginia, and that's doubly true for local teenagers Emma and Brody. Little do they know that their neighbor, a famous geologist, is about to show them the wildest time of their lives.

When Mr. M's prized rock and mineral collection is destroyed before it can be displayed at the state museum, Emma and Brody jump at the chance to find new samples. The geologist accepts the offer, and promptly sends them back to the year 1775 to help!

Back in time and across the pond in Derbyshire, England, Emma and Brody team with a mysterious young girl named Max to recover one of the rarest minerals in the world: Blue John Fluorite. Tapping into courage they never knew they had, the formerly ordinary West Virginians must protect a cave, avoid gun-toting soldiers, and return to the present before they're trapped forever.

The adventure continues in Rusher's Gold

A time traveling cave. A vicious band of miners…and pure gold.
When West Virginia teenagers Emma and Brody promised their neighbor, a famous geologist, to help rebuild his decimated rock and mineral collection for a museum display, they didn’t know they would be in for the magical ride of a lifetime.

After a successful trip to 1775 England where they collected the rare Blue John Fluorite, the teens are quick to jump at the chance to travel to the California Gold Rush in 1851. When they arrive at the Gold Rush and meet an old acquaintance, they think the mission will be easy until they realize their friend may not be able to help them at all.

When their actions in the past erase their future, can Emma and Brody right the wrong? With a hostile group of miners hot on their trail, Brody and Emma must collect the gold, save their friends, and salvage the future before it is too late.

Coloring & Activity Book

Kids love this Rock & Mineral Coloring & Activity book with 78 pages of childhood fun. This coloring and activity book is perfect for kids who love rocks, minerals, and engaging activities. The professional geologist at Mini Me Geology designed this book to capture each child’s imagination and foster their love of science, learning, and excitement. Perfect for boys and girls ages 5 to 10. Activities include:

  • Drawing Pages
  • Coloring Pages
  • Roc-Tac-Toe
  • Foursquare
  • Word Scrambles
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Word Finds
  • Mazes
  • Creative Writing Stories
  • Make-a-Word

Santa's Coal

Let Santa give the gift of coal this holiday season! Each bag contains three (3) pieces of real anthracite coal in a red fabric bag with a gift tag from Santa! Great for stocking or office gifts.

Each piece of coal is approximately 1 inch to 2 inches in size. The red gift bag measures 3 inches wide x 4 inches high. Each order includes one (1) bag, one (1) gift tag and three (3) pieces of coal.

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