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2nd Day: Rock Cycle Kit, Mineral Observation & Testing Kit, and Santa's Coal

2nd Day: Rock Cycle Kit, Mineral Observation & Testing Kit, and Santa's Coal

2nd Day: Rock Cycle Kit, Mineral Observation & Testing Kit, and Santa's Coal

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The Rock Cycle Kit

Jump into the spinning Rock Cycle with this kit from Mini Me Geology. The Rock Cycle Kit has 20 large rock and mineral samples and a full-color eBook that will teach you about the properties of rocks and minerals, how the Rock Cycle works every day throughout our Earth and helps you to learn about geology through activities and puzzles. You will be fascinated how minerals turn into rocks; rocks turn into different rocks then break down again into particles of sediment ready to begin the cycle again.

The Rock Cycle Kit includes:

  • Mini Me Geology custom Hand Lens with 3X and 6X magnifications
  • 5 Large Mineral Samples: blue calcite, quartz, microcline feldspar, augite and biotite mica
  • 5 Large Igneous Rock Samples: basalt, gabbro, rhyolite, syenite and granite
  • 5 Large Sedimentary Rock Samples: fossiliferous limestone, sandstone, shale, arkose and conglomerate
  • 5 Large Metamorphic Rock Samples: marble, gneiss, amphibolite, quartzite and slate
  • 36 page, full-color eBook on CD that includes information on all of your samples, rock and mineral flow charts for identification activities, pages to create your own geologistís notebook, rock cycle information and activities and word puzzles

Mineral Observation, Hardness and Streak Testing Kit
Jump into geology and mineral identification with Mini Me Geologyís new Mineral Observation, Hardness and Streak Testing Kit. You will have hours of fun learning how to test the hardness and streak of eight minerals from the Mohs Hardness Scale.

The included hand magnifier will allow you to see the details of each sample up close while you explore the world of minerals. Information cards reveal details about each mineral sample and teach you how to test a mineralís hardness, streak and how to focus the hand magnifier. Great for scouts, schools, home school and young rock hounds! Ages 6+.

Each Mineral Kit Includes:

  • Eight large mineral samples: Talc, Gypsum, Calcite, Fluorite, Apatite, Feldspar, Quartz and Corundum
  • Mini Me Geology Hand Lens with 3x and 6x magnification helps you see your samples closely
  • White streak plate
  • Black streak plate
  • Information cards teach you about your samples and how to perform each test

Santa's Coal
Let Santa give the gift of coal this holiday season! Each bag contains three (3) pieces of real anthracite coal in a red fabric bag with a gift tag from Santa! Great for stocking or office gifts.

Each piece of coal is approximately 1 inch to 2 inches in size. The red gift bag measures 3 inches wide x 4 inches high. Each order includes one (1) bag, one (1) gift tag and three (3) pieces of coal.

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