‘Bread Rocks’ Make a Fun Metamorphic Science Experiment

As sediments build up in layers over time, they may become compressed and turn into a sedimentary rock. A significant increase in pressure with low to moderate temperature increases may cause metamorphism to take place and turn the rock from sedimentary to metamorphic. This experiment will allow you to create your own sedimentary rock then with exposure to heat and pressure, change it into a metamorphic rock!

Growing Salt Crystals is a Fun Geology Experiment for Kids (and adults, too)!

Hey Mini Me Geologists! Try this fun experiment to learn more about growing salt crystals. Did you know that the salt you put on your food is actually a mineral? Salt forms naturally by precipitation or evaporation. In this experiment, you will watch salt crystals form by precipitation because it is just more fun than watching water dry and leave salt behind, although you can try that method, too. Grab an adult to help you with the stove and boiling water but the rest you can do on your own. In nature, salt will precipitate from mineral-rich water in oceans or lakes so you will simulate ocean water to grow your crystals.

Growing Rock Candy Crystals: A Sweet & Fun Science Experiment

Parents and children can have a fun time together growing rock candy sugar crystals. Making your own rock candy is great summer science and it makes a wonderful sweet treat too!

Experiment on Growing Salt Crystals – Great summer fun!

Are you looking for something fun to try with your kids this summer?  Try this fun experiment to learn more about growing mineral crystals.  You will need: Clean Jar String (we prefer cotton) Scissors Tape (optional) Pencil 1-2 Cups boiling water (kids, get your parents help) 1-2 Cups table salt Notebook Camera (optional) Step 1:  […]