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New Ask-a-Geologist Question: Metamorphic Foliation

Question: What term is used for metamorphic rock with banded texture?

Aragonite Mineral

Aragonite is a white to colorless minerals which has shades of red, yellow, orange, or brown. Aragonite is made of calcium carbonate, like calcite, and will fizz in an acid. Nice specimens of aragonite can be found in Spain, Morroco, Englad, France, Mexico and the United States, to name a few places.

Today’s Ask-a-Geologist Question: Banded Textures

Question: What term for metamorphic rock with banded texture?

Our Most Popular Ask-a-Geologist Question…..EVER!

This has to be the most-asked question we receive here at Mini Me Geology. Question: What are the hollow ball-like objects, such as quartz, which are found in sedimentary rocks?

My Rockin’ Collection! Sedimentary Rocks

Kids will learn about some of the Earth’s most beautiful and interesting rocks in Mini Me Geology’s Sedimentary Rock collection.

New Ask-a-Geologist Question: Igneous Rocks

New question from Mini Me Geology’s Ask-a-Geologist Feature! Question: What are some household items made out of igneous rock?

Arkose – Beautiful Sedimentary Rock

Arkose is a beautiful sedimentary rock that is typically gray, pink or red. This coarse-grained rock forms when igneous rocks break apart and the pieces travel to a river, lake or ocean.

Mini Me Geology featured in Rock & Gem Magazine

Mini Me Geology is featured in the November 2008 issue of Rock & Gem Magazine.