Moooom, I’m Soooo Booooooored!

Save summer boredom with the Rock Detectives kits!

Science Fun = Summer Learning (and the kids won’t even notice!)

During the summer we sometimes feel like our kids loose some the knowledge that they gained during the school year. I find myself constantly telling my kids to go read a book or work a few pages in their “thinking” workbook. But there are a few, not-so-quiet ways for kids to learn during the summer and they won’t even realize that they are finding out something new.

I designed the Mini Me Geology Rock Detectives line of kits to allow parents to give their kids a fun science kit that not only has large, nice rock and mineral specimens, but has a eBook full of information and ideas to keep your kids busy for hours, rather than in front of the television.

Rock Camp was Fun!

I held my annual Rock Detectives Camp last week and it was a blast!

Rock Detectives Kits are Weekend Fun for Elementary Kids

The Rock Detectives are the perfect mineral and rock kits for elementary age geologists. Each kit contains 6 or 7 rocks or minerals or rocks, a hand magnifier, and a printable mini-CD with 30 pages of geological information, rock and mineral identification activities, puzzles, experiments, projects, coloring pages, creative writing exercises and fun!

Learn about our kits – new videos from Mini Me Geology

Our latest blog posts links you to two great new videos about the cool features of each of our rock and mineral kits series.

Let’s Learn about Crystal Geometry

Teach your children about Crystal Geometry with this cool kit. Your Crystal Geometry kit comes complete with six cool mineral samples: muscovite, fluorite, calcite, citrine, pyrite and agate geode. Also included in the kit is a hand magnifier and a CD with 30 pages of mineral information, sample identification activities, puzzles, coloring pages, and experiments.  […]

Let’s go on an Igneous Investigation

Children will love to go on this Igneous Investigation from Mini Me Geology.   Your Igneous Investigation kit comes complete with six neat rock samples:  grey/white granite, snowflake obsidian, andesite, scoria, volcanic breccia and pegmatite.  Also included in the kit is a hand magnifier and a CD with 30 pages of mineral information, sample identification […]