Why We love Garnet Schist

Garnet Schist is a beautiful gray, silvery or brown colored metamorphic rock which shiny mica layers and an abundance of well-formed garnet crystals.  Garnet schist is the same rock as a mica schist with the exception of the inclusion of the garnets (too cool!).  The original rock type is typically a clayey rock with some […]

Every heard of a Herkimer Diamond?

OK, today I thought I would talk a little about Herkimer Diamonds.  If you know what they are, you’ll probably agree with me that they are so cool! Sorry!  Herkimer Diamonds are not real diamonds.  Herkimer Diamonds are actually quartz crystals that are naturally formed with points on both ends of the crystal.  These crystals […]

My Rockin’ Collection! Minerals by Mini Me Geology

Spark a child’s interest in the Earth with this collection of 15 fantastic minerals.  Each kit includes a white streak plate, black streak plate, hand magnifier, and identification cards which include a photo and fun mineral facts for each sample.  Kids can try to identify each mineral using the streak plates, hand magnifier, and identification […]

Welcome to the Mini Me Geology Blog!

Welcome everyone to the new Mini Me Geology blog!  We are really excited to start this blog to talk about elementary school science, geology in particular.  Our website is dedicated to showing kids just how cool rocks and minerals are and to help parents and teachers find ways to spark their child’s interest in science.  […]