Sedimentary Rocks

Sedimentary rocks are formed when sand, small pieces of rock, or mud are deposited as layers of sediment.

Staurolite Twins

Staurolite is a silicate mineral which occurs in metamorphic rocks and is often found with the minerals kyanite and garnet. Staurolite is a 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale which has a range from 1 (softest) to 10 (hardest), has a glassy to resinous luster and a colorless streak. Prismatic crystals of staurolite are common and often found twinned.

Fire Rocks – Our new Ask-a-Geologist Question

Question: Which rocks have the name that means fire? Answer: The mineral name pyrite is derived from the Greek word for fire.

Today we are Sedimentary Sleuthing!

Teach your children about sedimentary rocks with this cool Sedimentary Sleuthing kit. Your kit comes complete with six cool sedimentary rock samples: lignite coal, sedimentary breccia, conglomerate, fossiliferous limestone, yellow sandstone and shale.

The Entire Line of Rock Detective Kits are Now Available!

We are thrilled to announced that our entire line of Rock Detective kits are now available.  For the next few days on our blog we will feature each of the new kits to give you a little information about each one.  To check them all out click here. First up, is our Crystal Experiment Kit.  […]

Ask-a-Geologist Q&A: Sand Grains

Question: What is the name of sand grains cemented together?

New Ask-a-Geologist Question: Igneous Rocks

New question from Mini Me Geology’s Ask-a-Geologist Feature! Question: What are some household items made out of igneous rock?

Loess – the Earth’s most fragile rock!

Loess is formed from fine (small) grained, windblown sediment in glacier or desert areas. Loess is made of mostly silt but may also have some small amounts of sand and clay. The major mineral present is quartz with minor amounts of feldspar, calcite, dolomite, and clay.

Quartz Crystals are Still a Favorite with Children

Quartz is the most common mineral found in the Earth’s crust.

The most popular question at Mini Me Geology

By far the most common question we get here at Mini Me Geology is “What kit is best for a child who is just getting interested in rocks and minerals?”   I always tell people that if kids are new to geology, rocks and minerals our basic mineral kit is a fantastic place to begin.  Our […]