Help! I Have to Teach Rock and Mineral Identification and I’m Not a Geologist!

Have you ever had this thought? “Help! I have to teach rock and mineral identification and I’m not a geologist.” Identifying rocks and minerals is difficult. Even the most experienced geologists are stumped sometimes (often when an elementary student hands you a random rock they found on the playground and want to know what it is on the spot!). Minerals can have many colors and shapes while rocks sometimes just look alike.

Ask-A-Geologist Question: How to determine mineral hardness with the Mohs scale

Question: Based on Mohs hardness scale an unknown mineral scratched Apatite. It also scratches a steel knife blade but it cannot scratch quartz. What is the mineral’s hardness?

New User Licenses Available for Mini Me Geology eBooks

We are really excited to announce that all of our eBooks are available with licenses for home school groups, individual classrooms and schools. Each license is good for the life of the eBook.

Geodes are fun for all ages

Fun Crack-Your-Own-Geodes make great gifts. Cover each geode with a sock or towel and hit gently with a hammer until the rock breaks open. Uncover the geode pieces for dazzling display of crystals! Each geode is approximately 2″ to 5″ in diameter. Adult supervision required. Best for ages 6+ with adult supervision for children. Due […]

Junior Rock and Minerals kits

No, these are not just for little kids, they are smaller versions of our deluxe kits for any age. These fun kits in a tube are perfect for introducing science to both young and old alike. Each kit is only $19.99 and comes with 10 samples and an identification flyer. You can store everything in […]

Rock Detectives Kits are Weekend Fun for Elementary Kids

The Rock Detectives are the perfect mineral and rock kits for elementary age geologists. Each kit contains 6 or 7 rocks or minerals or rocks, a hand magnifier, and a printable mini-CD with 30 pages of geological information, rock and mineral identification activities, puzzles, experiments, projects, coloring pages, creative writing exercises and fun!

Our Rock Cycle Kit is Fun and Educational

The Rock Cycle Kit™ is our newest kit. It has has 20 samples of rocks and minerals including five minerals, five igneous rocks, five metamorphic rocks and five sedimentary rocks. The kit also includes a CD PDF eBook with over 30 pages of information and activities about minerals, rocks and how the rock cycle affects our Earth.

These GeoBytes Rock

Our new GeoBytes collection are great for holiday and birthday gifts for children and adults who like to collect rocks and fossils.

New Fossils have arrived!

Take a byte out of geology with our new collection of rocks, minerals and FOSSILS! We have a great selection of some super old critters and plants including shark teeth, coral, snails, sand dollars and more.

New Bulk Prices!

Great news for home school groups, teachers, schools, and kids doing science projects!