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Ask-a-Geologist Video #11: Why do pumice and scoria have holes and granite does not?

Hi everyone, today we have another great ask-a-geologist question from one of our fabulous readers. Peter wrote to us and asked: Granite, pumice, and scoria are igneous rocks, but why doesn’t granite have airholes, but the other two do?

Ask-A-Geologist Q&A #2: What is syenite used for?

What is the rock syenite used for?

Ask-A-Geologist Question: What is syenite used for?

We received a great question about syenite at our Ask-A-Geologist section. If you want to submit your own question, we would love to hear from you. Here is today’s question: Question:   What is syenite used for? Answer:   Syenite is an igneous rock that is usually gray, pink or violet in color. Because it is an […]

Rock Detectives Kits are Weekend Fun for Elementary Kids

The Rock Detectives are the perfect mineral and rock kits for elementary age geologists. Each kit contains 6 or 7 rocks or minerals or rocks, a hand magnifier, and a printable mini-CD with 30 pages of geological information, rock and mineral identification activities, puzzles, experiments, projects, coloring pages, creative writing exercises and fun!

Igneous Rocks

Igneous rocks form from hot liquid magma beneath the Earth’s surface.

New Igneous Rocks – Volcanic Ash and Graphic Granite

We have two new igneous samples for you – graphic granite and volcanic ash. Check them out today. Both of these samples make great additions to your collection!

New Ask-a-Geologist Question: Rock Types

Question: What are the three big groups of rocks? Answer: The three basic rock types are Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary.

Learn about Rocks made from Volcanoes!

Discover some of the Earth’s most magnificent rocks in this Igneous rock collection. Fifteen amazing samples will give you a sneak peek into both intrusive and extrusive rocks. Each rock comes with an identification card which includes a photo and fun rock facts. Try to identify each rock using the hand magnifier and information cards. If you need a hint, the name of each rock is beneath the foam padding.

Ask-a-Geologist: Rock Types

Question: What are the three big groups of rocks?