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Mini Me Geology was born out of an idea from the owner’s children and their kindergarten friends who were interested in rocks during parent day at school.  Giverny, Inc. launched the Mini Me Geology division to promote the study of rocks and minerals to elementary-aged kids.  Giverny develops and produces its own line of rock and mineral collections for children homeschool families and elementary teachers.

Because we care about kids, we use as many USA-made items in our kits as possible.  In fact, the only parts that may be from distant countries may be some of the rock samples and the rock detective boxes.  The large boxes, foam, labels and identification information are all produced in the USA and the kits are assembled in our South Carolina headquarters.

Today, Mini Me Geology is committed to giving educators and children the highest quality of rock and mineral samples from around the world and information to encourage interest in and learning of geology.  The company emphasizes learning by providing articles, projects, newsletter, relative current event information, ID accessories.  Everything children need to enjoy and understand the science of geology. www.minimegeology.com

Mini Me Geology is a division of Giverny, Inc.

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  1. Very informative, good job, thanks.

  2. What rock kit would you suggest for a 5 year old boy?


  3. The Rock Detectives kits are designed specifically for younger children. The activities and information on the E-book help them to identify the samples and have some fun with experiments, activities such as making a rock storage box, puzzles and coloring pages.
    You can find them here: http://www.minimegeology.com/home/mgeo/smartlist_38/rock_detectives_mineral_crystal_rock_kits.html

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