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I built Mini Me Geology on the idea that science and fun should go hand-in-hand for kids. From the first day, I wanted to have a supply of free resources for students, teachers, and home school parents to supplement their lessons and the use of our kits. Today, our company offers a wide array of free resources including educational articles, rock and mineral identification flow charts, instructions on sample identification, experiments, activities, novels with a touch of real science and science fiction, and much more.

I hope you take advantage of these free resources to enjoy some with your kids and help them learn a little bit about the science of geology without putting a strain on your budget.

Rock & Mineral Fun Book

Mini Me Geology’s Rock & Mineral Fun Book is a free pdf eBook with puzzles, coloring pages, birthstone facts, experiments, rock and mineral identification information, and a copy of our free science fiction, time travel novel for kids. You can get your copy of the Rock & Mineral Fun Book by signing up for our newsletter. A link to download your eBook will be sent directly to your inbox and you can print the games and activities as many times as you like.

Crossword and Word Find Puzzles

Our site has an entire page dedicated to downloadable geology themed crossword and word find puzzles. Just click on the name of each puzzle, download it to your computer and print!

Viktor’s Ice: The Magic is Born Novel

In this prequel novella to the Crystal Cave Adventures series, you will discover the secret of the crystal cave from the moment the magic is born. If you have read books in the series or if you are just starting with our adventures, you will love this story of how the magical crystal cave came alive and helped Mr. M find his first rare mineral. Get your copy of Viktor’s Ice today.

Ask-a-Geologist Questions & Answers

Our Mini Me Geology YouTube channel features questions and answers submitted by our site visitors. You can browse through our videos and find the answer to some great questions. We are always looking for more great questions to answer, so send us your questions, and look for a video answer on YouTube and our Blog.

Rock & Mineral Identification Charts

Do you have rock and mineral samples and are unsure of their names? The Dig Into Geology section of our website features downloadable identification flow charts for minerals, igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks. These charts have the most common rocks and minerals on Earth.

Visit Our Blog for Experiments, Articles, and Interesting Geology Information

The Mini Me Geology Blog has approximately 250 articles including details about unique geological locations, fun experiments, interesting activities and much more! You may enjoy some of these popular posts:

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Explore the Mini Me Geology blog today and learn more about this fascinating science!

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I hope you take advantage of all of the free resources Mini Me Geology has to offer. If you have questions about anything on our site, please contact us!

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