Celebrate Easter & Earth Day Together This Year

Easter Mineral Bundle
Easter & Earth Day Mineral Bundle

Liven up this holiday season by filling those Easter baskets with 12 great mineral samples. In 2019, Easter and Earth Day are April 21st and 22nd. We created a group of 12 pretty and popular minerals samples that are sure to delight every kid in your life. Plus, becuase we know how great Easter candy can be, each set of minerals also comes with a Rock Candy Lollipop!

The Easter Mineral Bundle includes:

12 Mineral Bundle + Rock Candy Lollipop
  1. Clear Quartz Point,
  2. Fluorite,
  3. Sodalite,
  4. Selenite Stick,
  5. Rose Quartz,
  6. Blue Calcite,
  7. Tourmaline,
  8. Citrine,
  9. Red Jasper,
  10. Amazonite,
  11. Red Garnet, and 
  12. Lepidolite.

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