Mini Me Geology’s Mineral Madness is the Perfect STEM Kit for Kids

Mini Me Geology is proud to announce their newest geology kit, Mineral Madness. With the importance of STEM education rising, we are dedicated to developing kits that allow children to explore science with quality hands-on samples, accessories and information. The Mineral Madness kit has fifteen (15) mineral samples, a white streak plate, and a mineral identification brochure. Kids are challenged to identify each sample using the streak plate, visual observations and the information in the brochure along with support information from the Mini Me Geology website. After kids determine the name of the sample, the brochure provides additional information about the properties, use, and common locations for each mineral type.

This kit is perfect for kids starting out in geology who are intrigued by the colors, shapes and unique features and older students who are honing their identification skills. Mini Me Geology’s in-house geologist designed this kit so it is economical for parents and schools while providing a generous variety of sample types for kids to explore. The 15 included minerals are:

  • Augite,
  • Azurite,
  • Beryl,
  • Calcite,
  • Fluorite,
  • Garnet,
  • Gypsum,
  • Halite,
  • Kyanite,
  • Magnetite,
  • Malachite,
  • Olivine,
  • Milky Quartz,
  • Amethyst, and
  • Sodalite.

A 2” x 2” white streak plate is included so that students can test the color of the streak to help in the mineral identification process. The brochure includes information such as color, luster, hardness, streak, and features, which will help in the identification process as well as a picture of a typical sample. Mini Me Geology offers free resources in our Dig Into Geology section of the website including how to videos and printable identification flow charts to assist you they work to identify your new samples. Follow these links to download your own free identification charts and learn how to properly test your mineral samples.

Download a Mineral Identification Flow Chart

Video Article:  How to Determine Hardness Using the Mohs Hardness Scale

Video Article:  How to Perform Streak Test

Join in our Mineral Madness and get your kit today! If you have questions about the kit or any of the samples, get in touch.

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