Mini Me Geology’s My Rockin’ Collection Deluxe Rock & Mineral Kits

Mini Me Geology’s Deluxe My Rockin’ Collection series rock and minerals kits are the perfect STEM geology fun for children and adults.  Mini Me Geology’s series of rock and mineral kits are the perfect collection for kids, teens, and collectors who love geology. You will enjoy these kits that feature large mineral and rock samples, identification accessories, sample information, and sturdy storage boxes. The Mini Me Geology deluxe kits are perfect for classrooms and homeschool STEM geology lessons too.

Kids will have hours of fun with the My Rockin’ Collection Series Kits, Mini Me Geology’s Deluxe Rock and Mineral Kits. You’ll get 10 or 15 large rock or mineral samples, a hand magnifier, and a set of identification cards. The mineral kit also comes with white and black streak plates. Each kit comes in a sturdy plastic box, with snug latches that keep the box closed and everything in its place.
Each identification card includes a photo and information about the physical properties of the rocks and minerals. This information will help identify your sample. Then, look under the green foam to find out if you’re right. After naming all your rocks or minerals, there’s more information on the identification cards about each sample, like where the sample can be found, unique features, and common uses.

If you’re looking for more information about your My Rockin’ Collection Kit, check out the Dig Into Geology section at, to learn how to perform a proper streak test, how to focus your hand magnifier, how to use household items to test the hardness of your minerals, and how to determine rock textures. You can print out an identification flowchart, it’s a fun and easy way to identify your samples.

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