Rock & Mineral Poster Sets for Home, Classrooms & Schools – Perfect for STEM Lessons

At Mini Me Geology we have a great selection of geology products that are perfect for all of your STEM lessons. This fun rock and mineral poster set has four posters for Minerals, Igneous Rock, Sedimentary Rocks, and Metamorphic Rocks. You can find these on our website.

These are the same flyers included in our Junior kits and our Colossal Rock and Mineral Kits and are perfect if you have a rock collection or if you are looking for an inexpensive way to introduce rocks and minerals as a hobby to your children or in school for earth science lessons. Each flyer features 10 of the most common samples found in natures. Flyers include minerals, igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rocks.

Mineral flyer includes: augite, calcite, fluorite, gypsum, halite, kyanite, magnetite, olivine, amethyst, and sodalite.

Igneous Rock flyer includes: basalt, granite, monzonite, obsidian, pegmatite, pumice, rhyolite, syenite, trachyte and volcanic breccia.

Sedimentary Rock flyer includes: arkose, bituminous coal, conglomerate, coquina, loess, fine-grained limestone, banded sandstone, shale, siltstone, and oolitic limestone.

Metamorphic Rock flyer includes: amphibolite, gneiss, hornfels, pink marble, phyllite, quartzite, schist, slate, garnet schist, and anthracite coal.

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