I Really, Really Hate Rock and Mineral Clip Art

Do you love clip art? I do…sort of. I know that this might not be a popular stance. However, when it comes to some things, like rock and mineral products; I HATE clip art. I know that a lot of product manufacturers use clip art because it is readily available and “cutesy,” but a real rock or mineral sample is nothing like a blob drawing of a rock with feet and eyes. It drives me crazy that people give kids (even young ones) pictures of nondescript “rocks” and personify them thinking that it will interest kids in science.

Do you know what actually gets kids excited about rocks and mineral? Actual rocks and minerals! If you cannot give them actual samples, then pictures of real rocks. Kids are smart and they don’t need clip art to learn. I do not mind illustrations of geologist processes like the inside of a volcano, but please, please don’t put eyes on the magma.

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