Help! I Have to Teach Rock and Mineral Identification and I’m Not a Geologist!

Have you ever had this thought? “Help! I have to teach rock and mineral identification and I’m not a geologist.” Identifying rocks and minerals is difficult. Even the most experienced geologists are stumped sometimes (often when an elementary student hands you a random rock they found on the playground and want to know what it is on the spot!). Minerals can have many colors and shapes while rocks sometimes just look alike.

I often see people on the internet explaining all of the rock and mineral activities that kids can do when many of them really will not teach a child much about rocks at all. I think that if you are going to teach kids about rocks then you should not give them cartoon rocks with feet or have them solely painting pebbles. I have my own aversions to tumbled rocks as it is, but that’s another blog post.  Rock and minerals are fascinating and something that kids can love their entire lives, even if the pictures do not have feet.

To help teachers and homeschool parents really teach kids about rocks and minerals, I’m writing a book titled “Help! I Have to Teach Rock and Mineral Identification and I’m Not a Geologist!” You can use this book with samples that you have at home or you can get a small kit along with your book. In the book, I’m detailing the tests and examinations that geologists do to determine the name of a rock or mineral. The book is broken into sections for minerals, igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks and the rock cycle and has all of the information that you need to explain the identification process to your students and suggested exercises to reinforce the concepts. This book will not discuss the geologic time scale so if you have concerns over that topic, this new book will help you introduce geology in a fun and informative way that will make your kids enthusiastic about the world around them without any “bigger picture” questions.

The book is set to launch on March 25, 2014! We are accepting a few beta readers. If you are a teacher or homeschool parent and would like an advanced copy of the book, email me at All I ask in return is your honest feedback about the book. I want this to be fantastic and useful and fun!


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