Ask-A-Geologist Question #9: What grains are in conglomerate rocks?

Hi everyone! Today I’m here to answer another fabulous question from one of our readers. Today’s question is about the sedimentary rock conglomerate. Matthew asks: What grains are in conglomerate rocks?

Hi Matthew, Conglomerate rocks are made up of many different types of grains from sand to various types of rocks. Conglomerates typically have rounded grains that were weathered over time by wind or water in a river, for example. Unlike some rocks which have a specific mineral makeup, conglomerate can have many different grains of rocks and minerals. Now, this sample is a conglomerate and this one, which looks very similar, is a sedimentary breccia. These two rocks are very similar except that the conglomerate has rounded grains and the breccia has angular grains.

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