Ask-A-geologist Q&A #5: How Many Years of College Does it Take to Become a Geologist?

Hi everyone! This week we have a fantastic question from one of our readers about how many years of college you need to become a geologist. Hopefully, my answer will help you decide if this career might be for you.

Jamie Asks:   How many years of college do you have to attend to become a geologist?

Well Jamie, You can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in geology in four years from a university. Most schools will have you take classes like introduction to geology and paleontology, mineralogy, structural geology, petrology, stratigraphy, hydrogeology and environmental geology among others. You may also have to take some basic math, chemistry or physics to earn your degree. You can also get a master’s degree or a PhD with additional years in graduate school. Now, every university has different requirements so check with them directly to get a list of the required courses.

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