Rock Detectives Kits are Weekend Fun for Elementary Kids

Rock Detectives Weekend Fun The Rock Detectives Rock and Mineral Kits are the perfect mineral and rock kits for elementary age geologists.  If you are looking for great weekend activities for your kids or exercises for a classroom or homeschool, the Rock Detectives are here for you. This is the only line of kits that was specifically designed by a Professional Geologist for elementary-aged kids. There are six kits in the collection that focus on the most interesting samples and features of rocks and minerals. Three of the kits focus on minerals and the other three focus on the three rock types. You can choose from:

  • Mineral Mission – mineral samples include lepidolite, rhodonite, tourmaline, limonite, epidote and amazonite.
  • Crystal Experimentsmineral samples include blue calcite, Iceland spar calcite, magnetite, halite rock salt, hematite, jasper and sulfur.
  • Crystal Geometrymineral samples include muscovite, fluorite, calcite, citrine, pyrite and agate geode.
  • Igneous Investigation – igneous rock samples include granite, snowflake obsidian, andesite, scoria, volcanic breccia and pegmatite.
  • Metamorphic Mystery – metamorphic rock samples include red slate, tourmaline schist, pink quartzite, white marble, granitoid gneiss and amphibolite.
  • Sedimentary Sleuthing – sedimentary rock samples include lignite coal, sedimentary breccia, conglomerate, fossiliferous limestone, sandstone and shale.

Each kit contains rocks or minerals samples, a hand magnifier / hand lens so you Mineral Fun coloring pagecan see the details of your samples close up, and a printable mini-CD with 30  page, full color eBook that includes rock and mineral information, sample identification activities, puzzles, coloring pages, experiments, an adventure story writing exercise for your geology detective, and activities including making a personal geologist’s field notebook and your very own rock collection box! Click here to download samples of each of our Rock Detectives eBooks to see the fun your kids will have with you while exploring the rocks and minerals of our Earth.

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