The Entire Line of Rock Detective Kits are Now Available!

We are thrilled to announced that our entire line of Rock Detective kits are now available.  For the next few days on our blog we will feature each of the new kits to give you a little information about each one.  To check them all out click here.

First up, is our Crystal Experiment Kit.  Children love the Crystal Experiments in this brand new kit from Mini Me Geology.  Your Crystal Experiment kit comes complete with seven cool mineral samples:  blue calcite, Iceland spar calcite, magnetite, halite rock salt, hematite, jasper and sulfur.  Also included in the kit is a hand magnifier and a CD with 30 pages of mineral information, sample identification activities, puzzles, coloring pages, and experiments.  Adult supervision is required for some of the experiments.

Other fun activities on the CD include creating your own adventure story, making a personal geologist’s field notebook and your very own rock collection box!

The CD requires free Adobe Reader 9.0 which can be downloaded at  This software is easy to download and use so please use version 9.0 which makes the CD very fun to view!

Our new kits were designed with elementary school-aged children in mind.  The activities on the kit are great fun for the whole family.  We always love to hear what you think about our products, so please email us at with your comments.

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