Ask-a-Geologist Question: What does a Geologist Use?

Here is another great Ask-a-Geologist question.  I love when children are thinking about geology, or any science, as a career and care enough to ask questions. 

Question: At school we have to choose a career and give a presentation. What kind of props would I need to show them about geology?

Answer:  A geologist can use different types of equipment depending upon their job functions. Field geologists often use rock hammer, field book, Brunton compass, and a hand lens for studying and mapping rocks in the field. These would be the easiest for you to take to school for your presentation.

 In the office, geologist use rock and mineral samples as well as computers, models, maps and analytical equipment to analyze the data that is collected in the field.  One of the neat aspects of geology as a career is that there are many different fields of study and many different companies and agencies that employ geologists. 

 If you and your children have questions about geology, ask us here.

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  1. Dear Geologist,

    I am doing a study on Washington Earthquakes and do not know how to find information about Kent Washington’s soil content. I believe Kent East Hill is made of rock although I do not know if it is quartz or whatever kind of rock it is. How can I find a website where I can really understand this. I see really nice illustration maps of the subduction zone when I was searching, but it was not detailed for Kent, WA.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been looking on the web for days and I’m not getting anywhere.

    Please & Thanks,


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