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My Rockin' Collection! MineralsBy far the most common question we get here at Mini Me Geology is “What kit is best for a child who is just getting interested in rocks and minerals?”   I always tell people that if kids are new to geology, rocks and minerals our basic mineral kit is a fantastic place to begin.  Our My Rockin’ Collection!  Minerals has:

          15 Large Mineral Samples:  augite, azurite, beryl, calcite, fluorite, garnet, gypsum, halite, kyanite, magnetite, malachite, olivine, milky quartz, amethyst, and sodalite

          Hand Magnifier

          White Streak Plate

          Black Streak Plate

          Identification Card for each mineral

          Sturdy compartment box with snug latches for secure and organized storage

When child first opens the kit, have them use the cards to try to identify each sample.  If you are unsure, the name of each sample is below the foam padding in the bottom of the storage box.  The My Rockin’ Collection! kits were designed with young children in mind so there are plenty of clues and pictures to help them identify each mineral.

Another great thing to do it to visit the “Dig Into Science” section of our website.  In that section, you will find guides for each of our kits.  These guides provide information on how to use the cards, streak plates and the hand magnifier.  There is also an identification diagram that you can print for your child to use with the kit.  This printable chart is great if your child works well with the process of elimination.

As always, we are here to help you at Mini Me Geology so if you have any questions about the minerals while you and your child are playing with the kit, please give us a call!

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