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Disclosure: Please note that some of the links on this page are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. I only recommend these companies & products because I personally developed them or am a customer.

Blue John's Cavern, Book #1 in the Crystal Cave Adventures series
  • Blue John's Cavern, Book #1 in the Crystal Cave Adventures series
    Emma and Brody are two normal thirteen year old kids living in the small town of Diamond Falls, West Virginia. When Brody introduces Emma to Mr. M, a famous geologist who lives across the street, they have no idea that their lives are about to dramatically change. What unfolds in book #1 of the Crystal Cave Adventure series is hard to believe, but only the beginning. Read Blue John's Cavern, a fun read for kids age 8 - 13.
Tracy Barnhart
  • Tracy Barnhart
    Tracy Barnhart is an author, entrepreneur and geologist. She is the owner of Mini Me Geology and author is the new book Blue John's Cavern, which is the first book in the Crystal Cave Adventure series. She also wrote, Launch It Quick, a guide for entrepreneurs who want to develop and sell their own products and is based on her years of experience developing products for her own company.
Go Daddy
Constant Contact
  • Constant Contact
    Constant Contact is the email service of choice at Mini Me Geology. We really enjoy the ease of use and range of services that they offer. From email templates to autoresponders, you can find many uses for Constant Contact in your business. Any questions about how we use it, just ask!
  • e-Junkie
     e-junkie helps autodeliver electronic documents to your customers. We use e-junkie exclusively for the sister site where you can purchase any of our eBooks for instant electronic deliver.
They Run I Run Blog
  • They Run I Run Blog
    This is a fun website for adults who are learning to run and parents of young cross country runners.
Toys Made in America
  • Toys Made in America
    Toys Made in America offers a great list of companies who make children's toys in America. Check us out for a list of great toys and resources.
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