I Really, Really Hate Rock and Mineral Clip Art

Do you love clip art? I do…sort of. I know that this might not be a popular stance. However, when it comes to some things, like rock and mineral products; I HATE clip art.

Deluxe Rock and Mineral Kits

Our original kits are still a best seller. These deluxe My Rockin’ Collection rock and mineral kits are available in minerals, igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rocks.

NEW – My Rockin’ Collection Junior Kits

Our newest science kits are perfect for beginning geologists, home school families, and schools. Each kit comes with 10 samples and an identification flyer with details about each rock or mineral and a photo.

Learn about Rocks made from Volcanoes!

Discover some of the Earth’s most magnificent rocks in this Igneous rock collection. Fifteen amazing samples will give you a sneak peek into both intrusive and extrusive rocks. Each rock comes with an identification card which includes a photo and fun rock facts. Try to identify each rock using the hand magnifier and information cards. If you need a hint, the name of each rock is beneath the foam padding.

The neatest rocks you probably don’t know much about

I love metamorphic rocks. To think that each of these rocks once was a different rock and just because of some really high heat and squeezing, they became something new is really cool! Here are some details on our My Rockin’ Collection Metamorphic Rocks kit. I think you’ll agree that these rocks are cool.

We’re about to solve a Metamorphic Mystery!

Children will love to solve this Metamorphic Mystery from Mini Me Geology.   Your Metamorphic Mystery kit comes complete with six neat rock samples:  red slate, tourmaline schist, pink quartzite, white marble, granitoid gneiss and amphibolite.  Also included in the kit is a hand magnifier and a CD with 30 pages of mineral information, sample […]

How to Perform a Mineral Streak Test

A streak test is one tool that geologists use to determine the identity of a mineral. The “streak” is the color of the mineral in powdered form. Some minerals will have a streak color that is the same as the outer color of the mineral while others will have a streak color that is very different from the outer color.

Ask-a-Geologist Q&A: Sand Grains

Question: What is the name of sand grains cemented together?

New Shipment of Grossular Garnet has arrived!

A new shipment of wonderful grossular garnet crystals have arrived. Beautiful grossular garnet mineral from Mexico is one of six varieties of garnet. Each single crystal shows the natural dodecahedral form of the garnet group. These samples, from Mexico, are approximately 0.75 to 1 inch in size.

Today’s Ask-a-Geologist Question: Marble vs. Quartzite

Question: How could mineral hardness be used to tell quartzite (shown right) from marble (shown left)? Answer: I don’t know that hardness would be a good test since both of these rocks have undergone metamorphism.