Let Me Tell You About the Rock Cycle Kit by Piper

This week Piper tells you about the new and improved Rock Cycle Kit!

What is Rock Weathering?

Ah, the weather. Rain, wind, snow, ice, heat and cold all affect the nature and appearance of the Earth’s exposed rocks. Rocks and minerals that are out in the open over time will change the way they look due to the weather. The heat and cold will make the rocks expand and contract which can cause cracking and flaking.

The Rock Cycle Kit has Arrived!

The Rock Cycle Kit™ is Mini Me Geology’s newest kit which has 20 great samples of rocks and minerals. You will enjoy 5 minerals, 5 igneous rocks, 5 metamorphic rocks and 5 sedimentary rocks and a CD book full of information about how the rock cycle is constantly in motion.

Ask-a-Geologist: Rock Types

Question: What are the three big groups of rocks?

Today we are Sedimentary Sleuthing!

Teach your children about sedimentary rocks with this cool Sedimentary Sleuthing kit. Your kit comes complete with six cool sedimentary rock samples: lignite coal, sedimentary breccia, conglomerate, fossiliferous limestone, yellow sandstone and shale.

The Rock Cycle – Dig Into Geology

One of the most interesting topics in geology is the Rock Cycle.  The Rock Cycle is the method by which minerals are made into sedimentary and igneous rocks, which are then made into metamorphic rocks.  The cycle continues when all of these sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks break down into mineral and small rock pieces […]