Trouble Growing Large Salt or Sugar Crystals? Use the stove!

At rock camp last week, we performed the salt crystal growing experiment. I used a portable coffee maker to heat the water. We used equal parts salt and water and grew several small salt crystals on the string that dangled into the mason jar. Success!

Ask-a-Geologist Question: What does a Geologist Use?

Question: At school we have to choose a career and give a presentation. What kind of props would I need to show them about geology?

My Rockin’ Collection! Minerals by Mini Me Geology

Spark a child’s interest in the Earth with this collection of 15 fantastic minerals.  Each kit includes a white streak plate, black streak plate, hand magnifier, and identification cards which include a photo and fun mineral facts for each sample.  Kids can try to identify each mineral using the streak plates, hand magnifier, and identification […]