Let’s go on an Igneous Investigation

Children will love to go on this Igneous Investigation from Mini Me Geology.   Your Igneous Investigation kit comes complete with six neat rock samples:  grey/white granite, snowflake obsidian, andesite, scoria, volcanic breccia and pegmatite.  Also included in the kit is a hand magnifier and a CD with 30 pages of mineral information, sample identification […]

New Ask-a-Geologist Question: Igneous Rocks

New question from Mini Me Geology’s Ask-a-Geologist Feature! Question: What are some household items made out of igneous rock?

New Ask-a-Geologist Question: What is in magma that makes up a rock?

Question:  What is in magma that makes up a rock? Answer:  Magma is the term used for liquid rock which forms deep below the Earth’s surface.  Magma can be composed of many different things such as silicates, alkalis, iron and magnesium.  The composition of the magma will determine the type of rocks which it will […]