Happy Birthday Friedrich Mohs!

Today is German Geologist Friedrich Mohs’ 242nd Birthday! He developed the Mohs Hardness Scale for minerals during this career. Still today, we use mineral hardness as a clue to the identity of a sample.  Click here to learn more about the Mohs Hardness Scale for minerals and how it is important to geologists today.

In celebration of Mr. Mohs’ birthday, all of our mineral kits and select samples from the Mohs Hardness Scale are 20% today through Sunday! Click here to shop our Mohs Birthday Sale!

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Petrified Wood has arrived!

Mini Me Geology is excited to announce the newest addition to our family of rocks, minerals and fossils:  PETRIFIED WOOD!

Petrified wood is a fossil that forms when sediment buries and protects plant material from decay. Groundwater rich in dissolved solids such as silica and calcium carbonate flows through the sediment and replaces the original plant material. The mineral-rich water replaces the plant material with quartz (silica), calcite, pyrite or opal among others. The result is a fossil of the original plant material. Because the plant material is replaced, the fossil often preserves details of the bark, wood and cellular structures.

Our petrified wood samples are introductory priced at $3.00 through January 25, 2015 so grab your samples today!

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We’ve Moved!

We moved our offices and have a new address.  You can reach us by snail mail at:

1121 Park West Blvd.
Suite B #159
Mt. Pleasant, SC  29466

Our phone numbers are still the same. You can fax and/or call us at 888-886-2197.

P.S. If anyone would like to come over and help carry big, heavy boxes of rocks, just let me know!

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Use a Rock and Mineral Kit to Teach Your Kids about Science

Rock and mineral kits are not only a fun toy for kids to have, they are a great learning tool. Here is how to use your rock and mineral kit and family time together to help your child have fun with science.

  1. Provide children with simple rock and minerals kits that you can use together. Choose products geared toward their age group to keep their interest. Working with the kit together allows you time to show your kids why you think science is important and fun.
  2. Help your kids love science by looking for rock & mineral kits that will coordinate with school science projects and topics.
  3. Make learning science fun by showing children how science relates to their daily activities such as baking or the weather. You can show them how rocks are used to make counter tops, landscape materials and building tiles among others.
  4. Talk with children on their level about science both at home and on outings, such as a trip to the beach, museum or park.
  5. Give children plenty of time to explore the world and ask questions to encourage their curiosity.
  6. Show your children the importance of science by caring for a garden, feeding the birds, collecting interesting rocks and recycling.
  7. Observe your children to see what they are most interested in and expand on this by providing them more opportunities to learn.
  8. Play a game with your kids on a nature walk.  See how many varieties of rocks, minerals, plants and animals you can find and identify.
  9. Collect or draw a picture of the items you find and research more about them at home.
  10. Instill a sense of wonder in your children by showing them your own fascination with science and the world.Mini Me Geology has many rock and mineral kits for kids of different ages and interests. If you have questions about our kits or how to use them, contact us.


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Every Kid Needs a Rock Kit

That’s right, I believe that every kid needs a rock kit. Why? For so many reasons. Here are just a few:

  1. Science is a part of our daily life from cooking, playing ball, growing a garden, technology & watching a rain storm. Kids need to enjoy science even if they don’t become a scientist for their career, it is important to enjoy the subject. Rock kits get kids excited about science.
  2. Understanding science helps kids appreciate and relate to the world around them.
  3. Science education teaches children more than just geology, biology, or physics. They learn to make observations, collect data, think on their own and draw conclusions.
  4. Without science we would not be able to predict the weather, earthquakes, cure illness or make products that enhance our lifestyles today. We need more scientists.
  5. Kids are naturally curious. Science education fuels that curiosity and provides kids with valuable ideas, skills, & potential future career choices.
  6. Science education gives kids the opportunity to experiment and work in teams increasing communication, research, reporting, and collaboration skills.
  7. Kids who have an understanding of science are more receptive to future technologies and ideas that can stimulate research and development.
  8. Geology education teaches kids about earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, and tsunamis giving them knowledge that can protect their health & safety.
  9. Kids who know rocks and minerals can have many careers such as gardening, groundwater recovery, pollution control and jewelry making.
  10. Rock kits help to engage children with a hands-on introduction to science when they are at a naturally curious age. Since you can keep your rock kit forever, kids can come back again and again to find new details about their rocks.
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Video Review: Help, I Have to Teach Rock and Mineral Identification and I’m Not a Geologist

Do you teach geology in a classroom or to your kids at home? This new book can help you explain the differences between rocks and minerals and how to identify each type. This short video gives you the details about the content of the book and how you can use it with your students.

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Today is National Geologic Map Day!


Yes, there is such a thing! 

Happy Geologic Map Day

to all of our geologist and

geology-enthusiast friends!


You can learn more about this fun day here.


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Happy National Fossil Day!

Happy National Fossil Day

to all of our fossil-lovin’

friends out there!


You can learn more about National Fossil Day here.


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Let Me Tell You About the Rock Cycle Kit by Piper

This week Piper tells you about the new and improved Rock Cycle Kit!

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Mini Me Geology is Having Fun on Pinterest!

Are you a Pinterest addict? I’m pretty sure we are here at Mini Me Geology. It’s so much fun to browse and find all kids of cool things. Pinners have the most amazing pictures of geology landforms and minerals and fun experiment ideas. I hope you join us on Pinterest for some science fun. Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide board will Launch on November 1st with ideas for everyone on your list.

Here is a list of our boards that you might like:

  • The Who Am I Game! (guess rock and mineral samples from pictures and clues)
  • Mini Me TV
  • Birthday Parties ROCK
  • Home School Geology
  • Rock and Mineral Kits
  • How to ID Rocks & Minerals
  • Geology Jokes
  • Kids Books We Love
  • Metamorphic Rocks
  • Geology Books & Posters
  • Dig Into Geology!
  • Fossils
  • Geological Features & Fun Places
  • Sedimentary Rocks
  • Experiments & Activities
  • Minerals
  • Classroom Geology
  • Unique Crystals
  • Igneous Rocks
  • Amazing Minerals
  • Geology for Elementary Kids
  • Geology for Tweens & Teens
  • Birthstones
  • Blue John’s Cavern
  • DIY Crafts with Kids
  • Rock Jewelry & Home Décor
  • Our Teachers Pay Teachers Store
  • In the News
  • Fun Kids Foods & Treats
  • 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

So join us on Pinterest today and drop us a note in the comments with your Pinterest boards. We are looking forward to meeting you online and seeing all of your pins!

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