Happy National Fossil Day!

Happy National Fossil Day

to all of our fossil-lovin’

friends out there!


You can learn more about National Fossil Day here.


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Let Me Tell You About the Rock Cycle Kit by Piper

This week Piper tells you about the new and improved Rock Cycle Kit!

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Mini Me Geology is Having Fun on Pinterest!

Are you a Pinterest addict? I’m pretty sure we are here at Mini Me Geology. It’s so much fun to browse and find all kids of cool things. Pinners have the most amazing pictures of geology landforms and minerals and fun experiment ideas. I hope you join us on Pinterest for some science fun. Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide board will Launch on November 1st with ideas for everyone on your list.

Here is a list of our boards that you might like:

  • The Who Am I Game! (guess rock and mineral samples from pictures and clues)
  • Mini Me TV
  • Birthday Parties ROCK
  • Home School Geology
  • Rock and Mineral Kits
  • How to ID Rocks & Minerals
  • Geology Jokes
  • Kids Books We Love
  • Metamorphic Rocks
  • Geology Books & Posters
  • Dig Into Geology!
  • Fossils
  • Geological Features & Fun Places
  • Sedimentary Rocks
  • Experiments & Activities
  • Minerals
  • Classroom Geology
  • Unique Crystals
  • Igneous Rocks
  • Amazing Minerals
  • Geology for Elementary Kids
  • Geology for Tweens & Teens
  • Birthstones
  • Blue John’s Cavern
  • DIY Crafts with Kids
  • Rock Jewelry & Home Décor
  • Our Teachers Pay Teachers Store
  • In the News
  • Fun Kids Foods & Treats
  • 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

So join us on Pinterest today and drop us a note in the comments with your Pinterest boards. We are looking forward to meeting you online and seeing all of your pins!

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You can now link to our Amazon products for affiliate sales

As of today all of our My Rockin’ Collection Junior and Deluxe kits are available for sale on Amazon. By October 1, 2014 all of our Rock Detectives and Rock Cycle kit will be live as well. Now, you can promote our kits and profit too! If you are an Amazon affiliate, you can add our products to your website or blog and then any time your customer or reader purchases one of our kits, you get a percentage of the sale.

If you have questions, just let us know and we are happy to answer any questions about our products or how to become an amazon affiliate. To find our products, just go to Amazon and search for Mini Me Geology. You can also click here to find our list.



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What can we answer for you?

Every week we try to find interesting tidbits on geology and science education to tell you about on our blog and appreciate all of the emails we get to our site about the topics we choose. As we embark on a new school year and fall season, we want to know what you want to know more about? Are you a teacher and looking for ideas on how to teach geology concepts to your students, are you a home school family trying to find experiment ideas, or are you a parent looking for fun rock and mineral kits to give your kids as a gift? No matter what you are looking for, we want to hear from you. You can leave your comments below or email us directly at rockinfo@minimegeology.com.

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New Video: How to Focus Your Hand Lens / Hand Magnifier

This week’s video was really fun to shoot except that I kept messing up the word MAG-NA-FA-CA-TION. I finally got it!

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4 Tips to Make Your Kids Love Science with My Rockin Collection Rock & Mineral Kits

Rock and mineral kits are a beloved childhood toy. From our youngest geologists who pick up random rocks on the playground to older kids who explore outcrops in the woods, geology fascinates kids of all ages (and lots of adults too). Parents can use rock and mineral kits to elevate science in their kids minds and to promote other skills such as logical thinking and deductive reasoning in older kids and classifying and sorting in younger children.

Tip #1: Make Identification a Game
The My Rockin’ Collection Rock & Mineral deluxe kits have identification cards or an identification brochure (mineral kit) that has all of the information that you need to identify each or your samples. The name of each sample is below the foam in each slot but you can make the identification a game by having your kids try to identify the samples using the identification information before they look under the foam.

Tip #2: Use Deductive Reasoning to Find the Rock or Mineral Name
The Dig Into Geology section on the Mini Me Geology website has identification flow charts that you can download for each of the My Rockin’ Collection kits. Like the identification cards/brochure, the flow chart will help you kids identify their samples but in a different way. The flow charts move from left to right across the page and allow kids to discover the name of their sample using a variety of observations and tests. The flow charts also have pictures of the rocks and minerals so that the children can check their answers. The activities involved in identifying the samples will help develop logical thinking and deductive reasoning skills.

Tip #3: Allow Younger Kids to Develop Sorting and Classifying Skills
Younger children can benefit from using the rocks and minerals in the kits by sorting the samples. The identification flow charts will help you direct the kids with sorting exercises. The flow charts group the samples according to colors and textures that make it easy for younger children to follow. You can also encourage kids to come up with their own sorting groups based on anything that they observe as being different or similar.

Tip #4: Develop Ideas for Science Fair Projects
Encourage kids to develop ideas for science projects by examining the similarities between the rocks and minerals. What questions do they have that a science project can answer? Why do some rocks float while some sink? Why do some rocks seem to soak up water while others do not? Kids have endless curiosity so allow them to explore that by making lists of questions that they could turn into a school science project.

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Piper reviews the Colossal Rock and Mineral Kit

This week Piper reviews our Colossal Rock and Mineral Kit. She tells you a little about the kit, her favorite samples from the kit and does a little dance for you! Goofy girl!!

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Home School Families Benefit by Being Rock Detectives

Teaching geology in a home school setting can be challenging for several reasons. Many home school curricula are faith-based and do not discuss geology at all because of the geological time scale. Others alter some of the facts about the science to fit their beliefs. I am often asked the question, “can home school teaching include lessons in geology without having to discuss the timeline or the origin of the Earth.” The answer is a resounding YES.

One of the best aspects about geology as a science is that there are so many areas to study. All kids should have a basic understanding of rocks and minerals. By understanding the difference in rocks and minerals and how minerals go together to make rocks, children will understand a little about the Earth’s crust and what they see below their feet. A fun and easy way for home school families to incorporate these types of lessons into their curriculum is to use the Rock Detectives kits from Mini Me Geology.

The Rock Detectives are a series of six rock and mineral kits. Each kit has 6 or 7 samples, a hand magnified to view the samples close up and a CD containing an eBook with 30 full color pages that includes rock and mineral information, sample identification activities, puzzles, coloring pages, experiments, an adventure story writing exercise for your geology detective, and activities including making a personal geologist’s field notebook and your very own rock collection box. The Rock Detectives kits are designed for kids age six to 12 because of the variety of coloring pages and puzzles aimed at younger children. However, the activities involving identifying the rock and mineral samples are applicable to any age group.

While some of the Rock Detectives eBooks do contain a geologic timeline, the scale is not needed for any of the activities in the kits and is easily omitted from lessons for families that prefer not to engage in a timeline discussion.

When you plan your home school lessons, you can choose which kit(s) you would like to study. In the series, there are three kits that focus on minerals (Mineral Mission, Crystal Experiments and Crystal Geometry) and three kits that focus on rocks (Sedimentary Sleuthing, Igneous Investigation and Metamorphic Mystery). You can use all of the kits in the series together or separately. Choose the kits based on your child’s interest. Minerals are the building blocks of all rocks, sedimentary rocks form in deserts and water bodies, igneous rocks form from volcanoes while metamorphic rocks are rocks that were transformed from one type to another.

If you have questions about incorporating the Rock Detectives kits into your home school curriculum, contact our owner and Professional Geologist, Tracy Barnhart at tracyb@minimegeology.com.

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Piper’s Review of our Rock & Mineral Coloring & Activity Book

Piper is back with an all new video. This time she tells you a little bit about Mini Me Geology’s Rock & Mineral Coloring & Activity Book. Someday I’m going to post a video of all of her antics between takes. She is so funny in front of the camera!

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