Every Kid Needs a Rock Kit

That’s right, I believe that every kid needs a rock kit. Why? For so many reasons. Here are just a few:

  1. Science is a part of our daily life from cooking, playing ball, growing a garden, technology & watching a rain storm. Kids need to enjoy science even if they don’t become a scientist for their career, it is important to enjoy the subject. Rock kits get kids excited about science.
  2. Understanding science helps kids appreciate and relate to the world around them.
  3. Science education teaches children more than just geology, biology, or physics. They learn to make observations, collect data, think on their own and draw conclusions.
  4. Without science we would not be able to predict the weather, earthquakes, cure illness or make products that enhance our lifestyles today. We need more scientists.
  5. Kids are naturally curious. Science education fuels that curiosity and provides kids with valuable ideas, skills, & potential future career choices.
  6. Science education gives kids the opportunity to experiment and work in teams increasing communication, research, reporting, and collaboration skills.
  7. Kids who have an understanding of science are more receptive to future technologies and ideas that can stimulate research and development.
  8. Geology education teaches kids about earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, and tsunamis giving them knowledge that can protect their health & safety.
  9. Kids who know rocks and minerals can have many careers such as gardening, groundwater recovery, pollution control and jewelry making.
  10. Rock kits help to engage children with a hands-on introduction to science when they are at a naturally curious age. Since you can keep your rock kit forever, kids can come back again and again to find new details about their rocks.

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