Ask-a-Geologist Video #11: Why do pumice and scoria have holes and granite does not?

Hi everyone, today we have another great ask-a-geologist question from one of our fabulous readers. Peter wrote to us and asked: Granite, pumice, and scoria are igneous rocks, but why doesn’t granite have airholes, but the other two do?

What Does Streak Tell You About a Mineral?

Geologists use many tests to determine the identity of a mineral. Streak can be one of the most important tests when trying to tell two similar minerals apart. A mineral’s streak is its color when the mineral in is powdered form.

Ask-a-Geologist #10: What Are The Remains Of Once Living Organisms Found In Sedimentary Rocks?

Fossils are the remains or impressions of once living organisms that you can find in sedimentary rocks. There are two basic types of fossils that geologists and paleontologists talk about. These are body fossils and trace fossils. Body fossils are a real body part of an animal such as a dinosaur bone or a shark tooth. A trace fossil is something that shows evidence that something was there such as tracks, burrows, trails, molds, casts, and impressions.

The Geology of Sochi, Russia – Home of the 2014 Winter Olympics

Hi Everyone, today I’m writing about a question that I’m sure most of you die-hard Winter Olympic fans are asking yourself. What is the geology of Sochi, Russia?! With those beautiful buildings, the amazing Black Sea and those oh so fabulous mountains in the backdrop, the resort town of Sochi looks like a nice place to visit.

Help! How do I use my new My Rockin’ Collection Rock or Mineral Kit?

I’m so glad you are excited about your new My Rockin’ Collection rock and mineral kit. Your kit has everything you need to identify and learn about your samples. To add to the fun, I created four short articles about using the tools in your My Rockin’ Collection junior or deluxe rock and mineral kits to add to your geology experience.

Ask-A-Geologist Question #9: What grains are in conglomerate rocks?

Hi everyone! Today I’m here to answer another fabulous question from one of our readers. Today’s question is about the sedimentary rock conglomerate. Matthew asks: What grains are in conglomerate rocks?

Rock Chips are Bad for Students

I’m a firm believer in hands-on learning. When it comes to teaching geology, I think that students need to have samples of rocks and minerals to feel, observe and test.