Thank you for a great year!

I’m sitting here writing this on New Year’s Eve and thinking about the past year and all of the amazing things that we were able to accomplish. We couldn’t have done any of it without you. In thinking of all of the new products and free services we were able to add I realize that none of it would have been possible without our customers.

So, thank you for all of the great questions for our Ask-a-Geologist videos (keep them coming in), the feedback on our new Colossal Kit and our improved Rock Cycle kit and the requests for more teaching-based products like our Rock Detectives Camp Guide. We have more in store for 2014 that we think you are going to love.

So, here’s to you – our customers! Thank you for a great year. Happy New Year and have a fantastic 2014!

Tracy Barnhart
-Owner and resident geologist



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