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So, here’s to you – our customers! Thank you for a great year. Happy New Year and have a fantastic 2014!

How Does Santa Make His Coal?

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Chances are, if you’ve been naughty that you might be the unhappy recipient of a few nuggets of Santa’s coal this year. But, just how does Santa make that coal? Do the elves quietly manufacture chunks of coal each year or does Santa have a little help […]

Ask-a-Geologist #4: Why do geologists tests rocks for calcite?

Today we have another great geology question from one of our readers.

Terrance writes: Why do scientists check rocks to see if they contain calcite?

The Most Hated Word in Geology

Ok, so I’m sure that not everyone hates this word. But, I sure do. I see many kids get frustrated with the subject of rocks just because this word is confusing and teachers often use it without explaining how easy the word really is to understand.

What’s the word? The word is detrital. Its synonym, clastic, is a close second on my “words I hate list.” Number three on my list has nothing to do with geology.

Ask-a-Geologist Question & Answer #3: Is it hard to be a geologist?

Once again we have another fabulous question from one of our website readers. Today’s question is about what it is like to be a geologist.