Ask-A-Geologist Question: How much chemistry is involved in geology?

Ah, chemistry. One thing that you learn about the sciences is that some aspects of them always overlap. Our latest Ask-A-Geologist question is about the crossover. Remember, you can submit your own questions and we will answer them for you. Here is our latest question:

Question: How much chemistry is involved in geology? I’m not that great at chemistry but I’m very interested in geology.

Answer: There is a fair amount of chemistry involved in geology but it is not something that should keep you from pursuing a career in the field. Mostly, you will learn about the chemical make-up of different minerals and, if you are in the environmental field, about different contaminants. Usually, geology majors take one year of basic chemistry classes. Depending on your school’s requirement, you may have to take more or less. If you are interested in environmental geology, I would also suggest at least one semester of organic chemistry just so you can learn about the naming of various chemicals. Don’t let the chemistry requirements hold you back from studying geology. If you can handle geology, you can handle chemistry!


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