Use ID Accessories to Test Your Minerals

A geologist uses tools to help them identify the names of minerals in their collection. Streak plates test the powdered color of a minerals. White plates test dark minerals and white streak plates test light colored minerals. Hand lenses, or magnifiers, help you see details of your mineral and rock samples. Our hand lenses have […]

Metamorphic Rocks Tell A Story

Metamorphic rocks form when sedimentary or igneous rocks changes form. The change occurs when the original rocks are exposed to high heat or pressure when the rock is buried deep below the land surface. This change can tell a geologist about the history of an area giving us insight into the formation of the land […]

Geodes are fun for all ages

Fun Crack-Your-Own-Geodes make great gifts. Cover each geode with a sock or towel and hit gently with a hammer until the rock breaks open. Uncover the geode pieces for dazzling display of crystals! Each geode is approximately 2″ to 5″ in diameter. Adult supervision required. Best for ages 6+ with adult supervision for children. Due […]

Junior Rock and Minerals kits

No, these are not just for little kids, they are smaller versions of our deluxe kits for any age. These fun kits in a tube are perfect for introducing science to both young and old alike. Each kit is only $19.99 and comes with 10 samples and an identification flyer. You can store everything in […]

Deluxe Rock and Mineral Kits

Our original kits are still a best seller. These deluxe My Rockin’ Collection rock and mineral kits are available in minerals, igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rocks.

Crystals make great stocking stuffers!

We have a nice selection of specialty crystals for the avid collector. Choose from aragonite clusters, fluorite octahedrons, twinned staurolite, grossular garnet, gypsum roses, ulexite, iceland spar calcite, galena, quartz and herkimer diamond quartz.

Sedimentary Rocks

Sedimentary rocks are formed in rivers, lakes, oceans or deserts.

Rock Detectives Kits are Weekend Fun for Elementary Kids

The Rock Detectives are the perfect mineral and rock kits for elementary age geologists. Each kit contains 6 or 7 rocks or minerals or rocks, a hand magnifier, and a printable mini-CD with 30 pages of geological information, rock and mineral identification activities, puzzles, experiments, projects, coloring pages, creative writing exercises and fun!

Rock & Mineral Coloring and Activity Book

Our new Rock & Mineral Coloring & Activity eBook is filled with 80 pages of childhood fun. We designed this book with families in mind!

Igneous Rocks

Igneous rocks form from hot liquid magma beneath the Earth’s surface.