What Would You Do With A Limestone Rock?

Limestone is a fine-grained sedimentary rock that forms when calcium carbonate precipitates in a quiet ocean environment such as deep, calm water. You cannot see individual grains with the naked eye in a fine-grained rock. Limestone is often white, pink, red, gray or black. Fossils are common in limestone because the calm ocean allows the calcium carbonate to precipitate around a dead plant or animal part without significantly disturbing the specimen. There are many varieties of limestone.

Do You Have a Sandstone or a Quartzite?

Quartzites are metamorphic rocks that were once quartz sandstones. The quartz sandstones change to quartzite from high heat and pressure deep inside the Earth. Sometimes quartzite rocks have the same, bedded look as the original sandstone, making the two hard to tell apart.

What Would You Do With A Sandstone Rock?

Sandstone is one of the most popular rocks here at Mini Me Geology.

11 Tips to Encourage Your Kids to Learn About and Love Science

Teach children at a young age how wonderful and fascinating science can be and you will have a child who is a life-long learner.

New Fossils have arrived!

Take a byte out of geology with our new collection of rocks, minerals and FOSSILS! We have a great selection of some super old critters and plants including shark teeth, coral, snails, sand dollars and more.