Learn about Rocks made from Volcanoes!

Discover some of the Earth’s most magnificent rocks in this Igneous rock collection. Fifteen amazing samples will give you a sneak peek into both intrusive and extrusive rocks. Each rock comes with an identification card which includes a photo and fun rock facts. Try to identify each rock using the hand magnifier and information cards. If you need a hint, the name of each rock is beneath the foam padding.

The neatest rocks you probably don’t know much about

I love metamorphic rocks. To think that each of these rocks once was a different rock and just because of some really high heat and squeezing, they became something new is really cool! Here are some details on our My Rockin’ Collection Metamorphic Rocks kit. I think you’ll agree that these rocks are cool.

Conglomerate Sedimentary Rock Q&A

Here is another great question we received through our Ask-a-Geologist email. Question: What grains are in conglomerate rocks?

The Coolest Stocking Stuffer EVER! Ulexite Mineral

This unique mineral is often called TV Stone or TV Rock because of its fiber optic properties. Place a sample on a picture or text and watch the image transmit from beneath the mineral to the top. Ulexite is composed is white, silky fibers and is very soft.