Learn about our kits – new videos from Mini Me Geology

Our latest blog posts links you to two great new videos about the cool features of each of our rock and mineral kits series.

Azurite Mineral – A great mineral for your rock kit

Azurite is a beautiful, deep blue colored mineral. Relatively soft, azurite has a hardness of 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs scale. The deep blue color in its natural form and its light blue colored streak are strong identifying properties of the mineral.

Ask-a-Geologist: Rock Types

Question: What are the three big groups of rocks?

Today’s Ask-a-Geologist Question – Is being a Geologist fun?

We received this interesting question from a 10-year old who is interested in what is it like to work as a geologist.

Question: Is being a geologist fun? Or is it drudgery? Do you have to stay away from your family for long periods of time?

Check out our puzzle page!

Did you know that we have a page of free puzzles on our website? Visit our Dig Into Geology section and look for Geology Puzzles and Games!

Today we are Sedimentary Sleuthing!

Teach your children about sedimentary rocks with this cool Sedimentary Sleuthing kit. Your kit comes complete with six cool sedimentary rock samples: lignite coal, sedimentary breccia, conglomerate, fossiliferous limestone, yellow sandstone and shale.