Ask-a-Geologist Question: What does a Geologist Use?

Question: At school we have to choose a career and give a presentation. What kind of props would I need to show them about geology?

Obsidian……Can you use it?

Here is another Ask-a-Geologist that we received. Obsidian is one of our favorite rocks. Children love this rock too! Question: What is obsidian rock used for?

Aragonite Mineral

Aragonite is a white to colorless minerals which has shades of red, yellow, orange, or brown. Aragonite is made of calcium carbonate, like calcite, and will fizz in an acid. Nice specimens of aragonite can be found in Spain, Morroco, Englad, France, Mexico and the United States, to name a few places.

Today’s Ask-a-Geologist Question: Marble vs. Quartzite

Question: How could mineral hardness be used to tell quartzite (shown right) from marble (shown left)? Answer: I don’t know that hardness would be a good test since both of these rocks have undergone metamorphism.

Today’s Ask-a-Geologist Question: Banded Textures

Question: What term for metamorphic rock with banded texture?

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