Fluorite – A Mineral of Many Forms and Colors

Fluorite is a unique mineral that can be found in more colors than any other mineral.

Here are some of our latest “Ask-a-Geologist” questions & answers

Q:  What is in magma that makes up a rock? A:  Magma is the term used for liquid rock which forms deep below the Earth’s surface.  Magma can be composed of many different things such as silicates, alkalis, iron and magnesium.  The composition of the magma will determine the type of rocks which it will […]

Tracy Barnhart of Mini Me Geology Interviewed on Lowcountry Live

A few weeks ago, I did an interview on Lowcountry Live, a local television show in Charleston, SC.  I really appreciate Lowcountry Live having me on the show!  Check out the video here: Kristen McIann:        Well Dave, were you into collecting rocks when you were little? Dave Williams:            I think we all know the answer to that […]